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Castor Oil Pack (Compress) Reusable Castoroil Pack Kit Castoroil Pack Wrap For Liver Detox & Comfort Sleep Fit(No Castor Oil)

Castor Oil Pack (Compress) Reusable Castoroil Pack Kit...

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Origin: Mainland China

Number of Pieces: One Unit

Brand Name: KuZHEN


Product material: cloth
Product color: pink, White, Khaki,Pink
Product size: 11 * 30cm/4.33 * 11.81inch

1.This castor oil package is a good choice. It is cleaner than DIY castor oil packaging. No thick fabric can absorb your grease. The external TPU layer of the package can prevent oil leakage, avoid leakage and keep you away from oil pollution.
2. Comfortable and reusable. This castor oil bag is made of high-quality bamboo wool, free of any chemicals, soft and hypoallergenic, which helps to absorb all castor oil and improve utilization.
3. Relaxing and enjoying castor oil can help improve insomnia and other sleep problems, digestion, absorption and deficiency, and is conductive to liver detoxification, stomach, constipation, kidney detoxification, joint and muscle pain.
4. Easy switching is very simple. It allows you to enjoy the packaging of castor oil without confusion and leakage.
5. The castor oil package includes one for the neck and one for the waist. You can relax the waist and neck at the same time, promote blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and save time and efficiency.

Package includes:
1*Castor Oil Pack Wrap