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Soap Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Repair Gray White Hair Color Dye Hair Shampoo Natural Grey Gloss Black Soap

Soap Hair Darkening Shampoo Bar Repair Gray White...

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Brand Name: DJBS

Origin: Mainland China

Function: Kill Germs

Function: Disinfection

Function: Remove Germs

Function: Antimicrobial

Function: Cleaning

Function: Hydrating

Soap Type: Handmade Soap

Item Type: Soap

  • 【Shampoo Soap】: It has the effect of promoting scalp circulation and helping hair melanin production. This allows you to keep your hair's natural color. It is especially beneficial for people with premature graying of hair.

  • 【Organic and Safe】: Unlike ordinary hair dyes, this shampoo soap is made with all-natural ingredients. It's chemical-free, colors and protects hair and scalp from irritation.

  • 【Repair Nourishment】: Provide sufficient nutrition for hair, deeply nourish hair and scalp. Magically restores hair and makes it look vibrant and youthful; enhances hair color and maintains its brightness.

  • 【Restore Natural Hair Color】: Use it every day as a daily shampoo, then turn gray or gray hair into a youthful and vivid dark color, great for men and women with hair loss.

  • 【Keep the scalp healthy】: Continuous use can effectively protect the scalp from irritation, keep the scalp moisturized, reduce dandruff to a certain extent, and purify the scalp.