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6 Cavity Air Wave Massage Calf Waist Old Man Physiotherapy Air Pressure Automatic Cycle Pedicure Postoperative Rehabilitation

6 Cavity Air Wave Massage Calf Waist Old...

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Origin: Mainland China

Material: Non-woven

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

Certification: CE

Brand Name: DISIYING

Application: Leg

Please see before use
In the first use, unscrew the bottom head screw at the bottom of the air pump, open the bottom cover, unscrew and take out the fixed pump core, and then close the bottom cover,or the air pump cannot work properly.

The household pneumatic massager generates cyclic pressure on the
limbs by repeatedly inflation and deflation of several air sacs, and or-
derly and uniformly extrudes the limbs from far end to the near end,
thus promoting the flow of blood and lymph, enhancing microcircu-
lation, accelerating limb blood backflow, preventing the formationof
blood clots and limb edema, and directly or indirectly preventing
many diseases associated with blood lymph circulation. The sleeves
are made of envirorment- -friendly TPU materials, and the massager
is suitable for families, hotels, beauty salons, hospitals, offices and
other places.

Unique breathable
When considering the hot weather, if you use this device, because there is no air circulation, it will cause problems such as sweltering, sweating and so on. Created separately exhaust holes. Even using it in summer. You won't feel very sultry.

Product features
1. Four-chamber air fluctuation can provide a full range of massage from the toes to the thigh.
When the massage pad is used, the user can lie on the pad, and the better effects of increas-
ing gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieving constipation can be achieved;
2. Compared with other electronic and physical beating or instruments, the pneumatic mas-
sage is more comfortable;
3. The massage speed is similar with the heart rate, and therefore the user will feel more re-laxed;
4. Air pressure massage avoids the risks of electric shock and burning
5. You can massage your arms, waist, and legs (need to buy different combinations).

6 airbags
The perfect 6 partitions allow each part of the leg to fully enjoy the massage. Each regional order massage (if you want to change the order, you only need to change the plug in one direction). Long -term massage can effectively improve the muscles Stiff, varicose veins, edema, muscle relaxation, and other symptoms. It is a new type of pneumatic massage that you are worth choosing.

Set meals

A: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs
B: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + belt
C: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + belt + 1 upper limb
D: 1 air pump + lower limb + 1 upper limb
E: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + 2 upper limbs
F: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + 1 upper limb
G: 1 air pump + 2 lower limbs + 2 upper limbs + belt
H: 1 air pump +1 lower limb + 1 upper limb +1 belt
I: 1 air pump + lower limbs



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Product size
Usually it is enough to use most people. If you cannot determine whether you can use it, please contact customer service. We can add a 10cm extension for free. (The picture is for reference size only, if you need 6 airbags, please contact customer service)