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Mini Diving Oxygen Tank 1L Use 20 Minutes Diving Equipment Underwater Respirator Scuba Dive Swimming Oxygen Cylinder Refillable

Mini Diving Oxygen Tank 1L Use 20 Minutes...

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Underwater time: 10-20 minutes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 031901

Certification: CE

Capacity: 1L

Purchase tips: the price of the product does not include the tax of the country where the buyer needs to bear the value-added tax. If you have any questions, please contact the seller

Product features: 1. The 1L oxygen bottle can allow the diver to stay underwater for 20 minutes, which depends on personal vital capacity and diving depth. 2. Three charging modes are supported: manual high-pressure charging pump, air pressure switch and electric charging machine. 3. Use aviation aluminum materials and meet the manufacturing standards of diving equipment. 4. With pressure gauge to show how much air is in the oxygen bottle. 5. Equipped with ergonomic silicone suction nozzle. 6. Press and hold the top to release the pressure in the bottle. 7. The design is light and portable, which can be carried with you after twisting the breathing valve. ​ Precautions and warnings 1. This product is suitable for recreational diving within 10 meters. Do not attempt to use it as an air supply in deeper waters. 2. This product is suitable for use in water above 10 ℃. 3. The recommended maximum lifting speed is 15 meters per minute (the last 6 meters must be 6 meters per minute). 4. Do not carry products with signs of damage, leakage or poor performance. 5. The maximum filling pressure of this product is 3000psi, and the filling gas with oxygen content more than 40% cannot be used. Please use clean and dry compressed air, and do not expose the product to the environment above 160 ℃ or open fire. 6. After filling the air, the pressure must be released first. 7. Please practice in shallow water for the first time. Using this product requires two or more people to accompany you. 8. When the instrument pointer is close to the red area, stop diving. It must be inflated before it can be used again. 9. Store the product in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight, trunk or extreme temperature. 10. This product is of high precision. Please do not disassemble or assemble it at will. Unauthorized disassembly without training may damage the product. Tips: Because some logistics channels are too expensive and the cost is several times higher than the budget of the merchant, the merchant will choose other logistics channels with similar timeliness for distribution. Thank you for your understanding